Q: How much is shipping ?

A: Shipping is based on the weight of the barrel.  Each barrel weighs approximately 105-110 lbs. each.  Our current shipping and handling price is approximately $139* each barrel.  However, we would be able to offer a discount if 5 or more barrels are ordered at the same time and delivered to the same location.
(*taxes also apply in CA)

Q:  How long does it take before I receive my order?

A:  10-14 business days after payment has cleared.

Q:  What is the difference between the "Dark" barrel and the "Light" colored barrel?

A:  Most of the difference comes from the maker of the barrel.  The White Oak (in our case) is Seguin Moreau.  There are several styles and shapes.  Some have 6 bands, while others have 8 bands.  See half for dark ... full for light.

Q:  Will they hold wine still?

A:  Enter at your own risk.  Some barrels have retained their capability to hold and store wine, however, you may first want to treat them and fill with water.  This will allow the oak to expand and creating a sealed container.

Any other questions... ?

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